Le Patchy Roosters

Hoop: 4x4 & 5x7

Formats: jef, xxx, pes, dst, exp, shv, vip, vp3, hus

Set of seven roosters in each size in vibrant colors.. These are just so colorful and great for so many projects.


Le Patchy Roosters
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LePatchyRoosters-DST-EXP$2.00 $10.00
LePatchyRoosters-HUS-SHV$2.00 $10.00
LePatchyRoosters-JEF$2.00 $10.00
LePatchyRoosters-PES$2.00 $10.00
LePatchyRoosters-VIP-VP3$2.00 $10.00
LePatchyRoosters-XXX$2.00 $10.00
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