Instructions Best Teacher Mug Rug

Instructions for Best Teacher Mug Rug

Design Specifications: 6.58 x 4.86
Stitch Count: 14499

Supplies Needed:

Medium Weight Stabilizer
Thin Batting
White/Light Print Fabric
Two Scraps colorful fabric
Spray Adhesive
Pressing Cloth

1. Hoop Stablizer
2. Run Color #1 White Outline
3. Cut Batting and White Fabric to fully cover the outline stitch.
4. On Table Place batting and white fabric (right side up)
5. Spray adhesive between the white fabric and batting.
6. Smooth by hand. Make sure it is smooth.
7. Flip over.
8. Spray adhesive on the bottom of the batting layer.
9. Place over the outline stitch. Be sure to cover the outline stitch.
10. Gently press in place.
11. Run Color #2 Gray Tackdown Stitch
12. Run Color #3 Light Brown Outer Pencil
15. Run Color #4 Black Pencil Tip and Writing
13. Run Color #5 Light Yellow Outer Pencil
14. Run Color #6 Dark Yellow Outer Pencil
15. Run Color #7 Pink Eraser
16. Run Color #8 Gray Eraser Band
17. Run Color #9 Outline Placement Stitch for Both Appliques
18. Iron your two pieces of fabric. Spray wrong side with adhesive.
19. Place your scrap fabric sprayed side down and press down covering the outline placement areas.
20. Run Color #10 Gray Tackdown Stitch for the applique.
21. Run Color #11 Decorative Stitch over Fabric applique.
22. Run Color #12 Final Outline Satin Stich for applique.
23. Run Color #13 This is the placement stitch guide to place backing fabric.
24. Now Prepare the Backing Fabric by stitching together the two pieces. Press seam open. (See photos).
25. Place Backing fabric right side down on top of the mug rug. Cover the mug rug completely. You may want to add a little spray adhesive or tape to hold the corners securely in place.
26. Run Color #14 This is the final stitch that will hold layers together.
27. Remove From Hoop
28. Trim seam allowance to 1/4 and turn. You may need a edge turner to make the corners nice.
29. Press Using a pressing cloth
30. Sew the back opening together with an invisible stitch by hand.
31. Repress with pressing cloth.
32. Show Off to all your friends or gift the rug..

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